Gear oils: change or not to change?


As a result of changing consumer preferences there is a new wave of interest in independent services (popular in 1990s). This interest is attributed to the desire to maximize the life of the vehicle being used, but at the same time significantly reduce service maintenance costs. For a growing number of drivers timely replacement of fluids, oil change as for the engine and the transmission are obvious need. Technical fluids used in a modern car, whether it is engine oil or automatic transmission fluids (ATF), contain additives to provide specific properties. Modern filler complex may be composed of dozens of chemicals and compounds. During operation additives efficiency falls that causes a change in the fluid quality indicators. Herewith it's hard to predict the operation of such filtering complex, as much here depends on the operating conditions (climatic conditions, driving habits, etc.). It is important to mention that all technical fluids are oxidized during operation and contaminated by the deterioration products and accumulation of wear and loss of protective properties of ATF leads first to the malfunction of the automatic transmission and finally to the complete failure of expensive vehicle. Due to the occurrence of wear particles and decomposition products the lubricant's viscosity may be changed. When it comes to the transmission fluids, it is particularly frustrating because ATF is not only used for lubrication, but also for transmission control and the significant change in the viscosity negatively influences the control quality. It is also worsen by deposits and contaminations in the hydraulic system. Consequently, for the extension of the automatic transmission service life it is necessary to replace ATF periodically. However, partial replacement that occurs when servicing the transmission without the use of special equipment, can only partially update the additive package, but it cannot remove products of wear and deterioration from the inside of the hydraulic system and rinse hydraulic transmission from deposits. Replacement of ATF using special installations (exchange units) allows you to completely eliminate the products of wear and oil degradation products from transmission hydraulic system. Flushing the hydraulic system from the deposits produced before such replacement often significantly improves the performance of the transmission itself, without additional repair and adjustment operations. And renewed ATF provides reliable operation of the transmission and prolongs its life. Automatic transmission is a complex and expensive unit, for maintenance of which one should have specialized knowledge and equipment. In many cases, except for replacing the ATF it is also necessary to replace the filter elements and gaskets. There are a great number of offers on the equipment for the replacement of the ATF, but there are practically no training standards for mechanics and engineers and transmission technology services are unavailable to independent service stations.

MotulEvo: gear oil replacement without any analogues

MotulEvo project became the unique solution of the reference quality of service in the field of automatic transmissions, which is selected by both professionals and end users. MotulEvo is primarily technologies of service of automatic transmissions, technical and practical training for engineers, access to technical documentation and service hotline. By connecting to the MotulEvo program service introduces additional new service and are able to provide quality service and maintenance of AT. MotulEvo — an international network of independent service stations, who are experts in the field of the AT service and maintenance. In Europe this brand is already well recognized by tens of thousands of car owners who entrusts transmission service to professionals. MotulEvo — fully automated equipment for preventive and corrective maintenance of automatic and continuously variable transmissions, as well as the double clutch gears. In carrying out this work, in addition to changing the oil and the corresponding filter the entire hydraulic transmission circuit is cleared out. MotulEvo offers various types of fittings for connecting the installation to the transmissions, service manuals for transmission of various types, as well as on-line guide with instructions for the use of special adapters for various car models with illustrations of their practical application. This program is a unique package of products and services designed for enhancing the professional competence of dealers for the sale of spare parts and personnel of garages and car workshops, as well as for end users, who are concerned about the safety of their cars and are willing to use only high quality materials. Motul recommends five products, which guarantee the proper condition of the entire fleet of cars. Please refer to the more detailed information which can be obtained from Motul distributors in the regions.